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Cube Aire provides ice maker service, repair, and sales to San Diego restaurants, hotels, and catering companies. This line of work is nothing new for Cube Aire. Founded in 1957, and under the same ownership since 1980, over the years, Cube Aire has earned the reputation as THE ice machine experts.

Cube Aire Team of Technicians
The Cube Aire Team

Cube Aire's team of professional technicians have impressed countless customers with their ability to handle any job, large or small. Cube Aire can diagnose problems with your current ice machine and make any needed repairs. As a preventative measure, Cube Aire offers regular ice machine servicing to keep your ice maker up and running so you can focus on business. Along with Hoshizaki Ice Machine repairs and service, Cube Aire can help with the purchasing, rental, or leasing of a new ice machine for your business. For all aspects of providing cubed ice for your business, Cube Aire has the answer.

While initially founded on servicing all brands of ice makers, in 1982 Cube Aire began to focus only on Hoshizaki Ice Machines. The Hoshizaki line of ice machines has become the industry standard. Thousands of top businesses rely on Hoshizaki Ice Machines every day to keep their businesses running. Major food chains, high end restaurants, top hotel chains, and theme parks. Even places like the San Diego Zoo, who use Hoshizaki Ice Machines to provide cubed ice for the polar bear enclosure.

Cube Aire Team of Technicians
Thomas Peronto, Ice Machine Sales

Cube Aire is an official Contracted Service Representative for Hoshizaki Ice Machines. Cube Aire also has the largest inventory of Hoshizaki Ice Machine parts in San Diego County. For all Hoshizaki Ice Machine parts, repair, service, sales, leasing, or rentals; Cube Aire is your answer.

Cube Aire's experience with Hoshizaki Ice Machines is vast. Whatever your business's ice needs may be, we are here to meet and exceed all of your requirements and expectations with high quality ice machines and services.

If you are having troubles with your current ice maker, or looking to buy, rent, or lease a new commercial ice maker, Cube Aire should be your first call. We look forward to impressing you with our efficiency, professionalism, and quality of work.

"If we can't fix it, it ain't broke!"

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